Seamless Integration



Recurring Revenue

Our system allows you to generate a meaningful profit stream with zero capital outlay or expense. This allows you to improve your effectiveness and increase your revenue without the stress and cost associated with hiring and managing additional staff. There are no obligations or commitments.

We provide you with a recommended set of questions for each condition which you are free to change or modify as you see fit and we reach out to the patients you put into the program monthly. Our system documents their answers which are then pushed automatically into your eHR.

In addition, our system tracks the time spent with each patient and records each conversation that is had with your patients. Patients that need attention are schedule for the appropriate office visits.


We can be fully operational with your practice in less than 2 weeks. 

Fully Compliant Platform

The Chronic Healthcare platform provides all the necessary elements to mitigate the risk that comes with CMS audits. Our customizable software provides all the documentation Medicare requires to be paid for this service. 

  • Activity tracking down to the second

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Recorded messages

  • Audit Support 

  • HIPAA compliant


Healthier Patients

CHRONIC DISEASES ARE NOW THE MAJOR CAUSE of death and disability worldwide, responsible for almost 60 percent of deaths and 50 percent of the global burden of disease.


Ensuring access to high quality, team-based care is one of the most effective interventions for improving the health of people with chronic illness.   Numerous studies have found important improvements when transforming daily care of patients with diabetes, depression, asthma, and other chronic conditions from acute and reactive to proactive, planned and population based. 


Seamless Integration